Freshwater Bay Residents' Association
Constitution 1984 (Revised 2009)

1. The Freshwater Bay Residents' Association hereinafter called "The Association", was formed at the inaugural meeting held at the United Reform Church on Monday 2 July, 1984.
2.The aims of the Association are to safeguard and promote the legitimate interests and to protect and enhance the environment of the residents of Freshwater Bay.
3. Membership is open to all residents of Freshwater Bay. Friends of Freshwater Bay membership is now open for everyone. Residency is a requirement for membership of the Committee. Both subject to the payment of annual subscription. (See 14 below)
4.The Association has the following Officers; Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and an Executive Committee consisting of the above officers and five other elected members.
5.The officers of the Association will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, to be held in October, each year, for which fourteen days notice must be given in writing. The officers may be nominated for re-election each year, up to a total of five years.
6.Committee Members will be elected for three years, with one third retiring in rotation each year. They may stand for re-election should they be willing to accept nomination. Committee members who attend 50% or less of Committee meetings, including the Quarterly Meetings, should be asked, in writing, the reason for their absences and if no reasonable explanation is given they should be asked to retire at the next General Meeting.
7.Nominations for election as an officer or committee member of the Association, may be submitted by the Executive Committee or by any duly paid-up member and must be handed to the Secretary in writing, at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting, the prior consent of the nominee having been obtained by the nominator.
8.The Executive Committee have the power to co-opt other members of The Association to serve on The Committee, if they deem it necessary.
9.Should any officer of The Association be unable to complete his/her year of office, a Special General Meeting will be called with fourteen days notice, in writing to elect a successor.
10.In addition to the Annual General Meeting, a General Meeting of the Association will be called with seven days notice in writing, with frequency, from time to time decided by the Members. Additional special general meetings of the Association may be held at the written request of not less than 25% of the membership, at the time.
11.The quorum for the Executive Committee is 50% of its membership and for a General or Extraordinary meeting of the Association, 25% of the membership, at any time.
12.The financial account of the Association will run from 1 September each year until the following 31 August, and an audited statement will be presented by the Treasurer, to the Annual General Meeting each year.
13.The auditor for the Association will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting each year. He or she may be any responsible and competent person from the membership or from outside the Association but maybe a member of the Executive Committee.
14.The Annual Subscription will be determined et the Annual General Meeting each year, and will be payable as from the end of that meeting for the ensuing year.This is also applicable for the members of Friends of Freshwater Bay Association. Should a member not pay the duly determined amount by the end of the January quarterly meeting in any membership year, his/her membership shall be deemed to have lapsed and the name be deleted from the membership list.
15.The Treasurer will hold the balance from money paid in to the Association, after expenses have been met, in current and investment accounts, as decided by the Executive Committee.
16.The signatories for any such banking accounts, will be any two out of the three officers of the Association.
17.Officers and committee members may incur expenses up to 10 but no other person may incur or contract any expense in the name of the Association without prior committee approval.
18.The committee may contract an expense up to 100, larger amounts must be authorised by a correctly convened General Meeting of the Association.
19.All requests for professional advice and legal services which may incur a cost must have prior approval of a correctly convened committee meeting.
20.A committee meeting must be called and chaired by the Chairman or a stand-in chairman deputed by the Chairman and minutes to be correctly convened.
21.If any legal or other fees or extraordinary expenditure, sanctioned by a correctly called General Meeting of the Association, are more than can be met by the subscription income, the excess will be borne by a further levy on all members.
22.If, at any time, a correctly convened General Meeting decides that the Association should be wound up, that meeting will decide on the disposal of any balance held by the Treasurer, after all expenses have been met.
Revised July 2009