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Much of Freshwater Bay now has Conservation status, which is a welcome recognition of the area's historical and aesthetic importance.

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 October 26th 2017

Annual General Meeting

United Reform Church Hall


 November 6th 2017

Committee Meeting

Cambridge Lodge


 December 4th 2017

Committee Meeting

Cambridge Lodge

Minutes of the A.G.M held on the 26th October 2017
Retiring Chairman's Summary: Promenade shelter- the CC has asked us to take over responsibility for the maintenance of shelter. We have asked for details.
Afton Road- Island Roads have not painted double yellow lines on the marsh side of the road, or reinstated the coach parking area as requested.
The Albion Hotel- Some maintenance has been carried out, but the condition of the building is still being monitored by the CC.
20mph- The CC is reluctant to enforce a speed limit of 20mph on some roads, money could be a factor.
Grassed area in Freshwater Bay- the PC is having the area reseeded sometime in the next six months. As yet, we have paid nothing towards costs.
Gate Lane toilets- the PC has taken over the maintenance etc. of the building. The structure is to be improved and the interior is to be updated, but the men's urinals are to be retained as they are of architectural interest.
Benches- we have decided to go ahead with a bench seat in the bus shelter near St. Agnes church, and a seat near the bridge in Blackbridge Road. We have obtained the PC's agreement. We still hope to have a bus shelter with seat at the junction of Guyers Road and Victoria Road. Bus shelter in Gate Lane near the Albion- we have contacted Island Roads since the last quarterly meeting, to request a new shelter with a seat to replace the existing one. They have carried out a site inspection and have repaired the fence behind the shelter.
Avenue Road- the work is going well and they hope to finish ahead of schedule.
Apologies from Harald Schenk, Verrall Dunlop, Corinne and Robert Quain, Tony and Jill Matthews, Sheila Spivey, Jacqueline Robertson, Barbara Allford, Geoff Long, Joan Ward, Christine Churchill, Ann Simpson and Esme Ballard.
Election of Officers and Committee Members: One member of the committee is retiring, the Chairman Tim Nicholson. Judith Hunt has agreed to take over as chairman for one year. Karen Grainger and Paul Mocroft were proposed, seconded, and duly elected members of the committee. James Day was re-elected for a further three years.
Chairman's Report: Judith thanked Tim, on behalf of the committee's past and present members, and the members of the FBRA, for all his hard work. He was presented with a gift as a token of our appreciation.
Paul Mocroft is to take over the writing of the Newsletter. Anything members want to be included in forthcoming issues should be sent to Paul at
It was proposed that the subscription should be raised to £5 per person, £10 per household as from the October 2018. A vote was taken and the proposal was duly carried.
Treasurer's Report: General Account, £2311.47. Projects Account, £2213.02.
Secretary's Report: The CC has agreed, after an inspection, that the signs advising dog owners about the use of the beach are inadequate. They are going to make improvements.
The concerns regarding the narrow part of the footpath between Coastguard Lane and Blackbridge Road have been forwarded to the CC with attached photographs. The condition of the path will have to deteriorate before any remedial work will be carried out.
An application for a new bus stop with an integrated seat has been made to Island Roads. Please see Chairman's summary.
Vince Fennell has agreed to speak about Neighbourhood Watch at the next quarterly meeting which will be on the 18th January 2018.
Membership Secretary's Report: We now have 223 members. If anyone wants to pay their subs. by internet banking/direct credit please contact Michael Wareham tel. 759240 or for details.
Social Events: Open Gardens was a great success and we were able to present the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance with a cheque for £1300. The BBQ made a small profit which allowed us to make a donation of £100 to the Independent Lifeboat.
The Autumn Supper at the Horse and Groom is now fully booked.
16th December ; Carol Service at St. Agnes church, 6pm. There will be mulled wine and mince pies.
Sheila Spivey is organising a day trip to the Christmas Market in Bath on Saturday 2nd December. For more information please contact Sheila on 01983756577.
1st December. There will be a Torchlight Parade from Moa Place to Colwell Common organised by Totland PC.
AOB: If anyone wants to report cases of dog fouling could they please contact John Medland who will forward the information to the dog warden. There were requests that there should be better advertising of PC meetings that are open to the public.
Concern was expressed about the number of cyclists who are using the footpaths on Afton Down as bridleways.
There were further comments made about the long grass etc. around the Tennyson Memorial. We have requested that it should be cut but the NT prefer to leave it long. We will ask them to fill the hollows around the seats which fill with water and mud in the winter.
Terry Butchers was thanked for all the work she has done on the Queen Mother's Garden. Many people have commented on the improvements.
There were complaints about the speed of the traffic on Bedbury Lane. Many drivers are exceeding the 30mph speed limit.
Day at the Bay- David Ballard reported that it had been a great success. Next years has already been arranged for the 6th October 2018. He has asked for more volunteers to help on the day and for more cakes. If anyone is interested could they please contact him tel. 07932652886 or It was suggested that some of the land belonging to the Farringford could be used for a footpath to improve the safety of pedestrians on Bedbury Road. There was a request for a new dog waste bin at the junction of Guyers Road and Victoria Road.
The meeting closed at 8.40pm and wine and cheese were then enjoyed. Many thanks to Judith and Sandy.

Minutes of the quarterly meeting held on the 20th July 2017.
The meeting was preceded by a talk given by Pat Knight, who described the work of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. A cheque was presented to her for the £1300 raised at our Open Gardens Event.
Apologies from Verrall Dunlop, John Medland, Joan Ward, Tom Eggeling, Sheila Spivey, Jo Martin, Esme and David Ballard.
Minutes of the last quarterly meeting were accepted as correct, proposed by John Ward and seconded by Jaqueline Robertson.
Matters Arising: There has been no progress in the PC's negotiations with the CC about the 20mph speed limits or the Gate Lane Toilets. The PC bench committee have met and have approved 3 for the Bay area. They will cost £700 each. There has been no final decision to go ahead as the price was thought to be high. More enquiries are to be made.
Afton Road is to be resurfaced. The work is to be done between 25th July and the 3rd August. The coach parking is to be kept and the road will be painted to clearly mark the area. We would still like double yellow lines on the marsh side of the road and a single yellow line on the other. The idea of bollards is still being pursued to stop parking on the footway and grassed area on the marsh side.
The meeting was in favour of contributing to the cost of any new curtains, at the rear of the stage, in the United Reform Church Hall.
Chairman's Report: The improvement to the grassed area of Freshwater Bay has been unsuccessful, because of the late date of the work, poor topsoil and lack of water. Any remedial work will be considered and carried out in the autumn.
Gill Kennett, from the PC, has approached Hampshire Police about the noise caused by motorcycles on the Military and Afton Roads. The police have suggested we should monitor the situation. The meeting decided that it was for the police to decide if any laws were being broken.
The chairman is still waiting for a quote for replacing the fence behind the bus stop in Gate Lane.
A proposal to raise the annual membership subscription from £3 to £5 is to be considered at the AGM on the 26th October 2017 proposed by John Ward and seconded by Tony Dalton. If agreed it would come into effect in the year 2018/2019.
Treasurer's Report: General Account £2016.47., Projects Account £2213. 02.
Secretary's Report: The District Steward is to make a decision about the replanting of the two short sections of the hedge along Gate Lane. If we do not have that decision by the New Year we will wait until the following autumn to plant.We have requested two seats for bus shelters in the area. A site inspection was carried out on the 17th February 2017, and a request for consideration was forwarded to the IWCC. The committee does not meet frequently, and as a result, the timescale for any decision can be lengthy.
There have been no recent problems with fly tipping of food waste on Simmonds Corner. Island Roads will continue to monitor the situation. The footpath next to St. Agnes church No.46 was very overgrown. The Rights of Way Dept. were notified on a Thursday and the work was carried out on the following Monday. I have contacted them to thank them for their prompt action.
Membership Secretary's Report: We now have 225 members.
Social Events: Open Gardens raised £1300 which has been given to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. There were seven gardens open and the weather stayed dry. Many thanks to Judith for organising the event and to all those who helped make it an enjoyable day.
5th August. Beach Party 7pm to 9pm. Please bring your own drinks. Thornes are providing the barbecue and the Village Bakery the rolls. There will be music during the evening.
Judith would like suggestions of a venue for this year's Autumn Supper.
9th August. Litter Pick.
AOB: The Association needs a new chairman as Tim is leaving the committee at the AGM. We also need at least one other new member to bring the number up to nine. If anyone is interested, please contact Felicity Wareham, tel. 759240 email felicity.wareham@btinternet .com
The speed and frequency of traffic on Bay Road is causing problems. It is a private road, but is being used as a short cut by Vans etc. The weight restrictions on the bridge in Blackbridge Road are adding to the difficulties for residents, but the signs to restrict heavy vehicles will remain despite the reinforcement work.
The NT is to be contacted about the overgrown condition of Tott's Plot and the area surrounding the Tennyson Monument.
The kissing gate on the footpath from Coastguard Lane to Blackbridge Road is not going to be replaced. Concern was also expressed about a short length, on the same path, which is being worn away on one side.
There is still a problem with dogs being exercised on the beach. The sign is inadequate, and we will contact the CC to see if it can be improved. Could everybody remove all their out of date posters from the notice boards promptly.
Day at the Bay; 7th October 2017. David Ballard has made a request for help. Please contact them direct if you are interested. Tel. 07932652886 or With the warm weather, open windows, and everybody spending more time outside, could everyone be aware of noise spoiling other people's peace and quiet.
The meeting closed at 9pm.
Reference to the Freshwater Bay Residents' Association in the publicity material for "Day at the Bay" has been made without our prior agreement. We want to make it clear that, as an association, we are in no way involved in the event.

The meeting was preceded by a talk given by Melanie Gardiner, email, 07548488114, who explained what she did as the organiser of Just Ask.
Minutes of the quarterly meeting held on the 6th April 2017.
Apologies from Verral Dunlop, Paul Bakewell, Eileen Leach, Barry and Sue Ecuyer, James Day, Jane Carter, David and Esme Ballard. Minutes of the last quarterly meeting were accepted as correct, proposed by Tony Dalton and seconded by Judith Hunt.
Matters Arising: There has been no progress in the PC's negotiations with the CC about the 20mph limits or the Gate Lane Toilets.
The situation regarding the CC and the Albion Hotel remains unchanged, but it was noted that the general appearance of the building had improved.
The PC is hoping to organise a site meeting with Island Roads to discuss parking restrictions and other improvements to Afton Road.
Chairman's Report: The chairman expressed his thanks to all those who had helped in the afternoon and the evening of the day of the Spring Concert. £128 was raised of which £100 would be given to the local library.
The cost of general improvement and reseeding of the promenade area of Freshwater Bay has been agreed between the contractors and the PC. The FBRA will contribute £500 towards the work. The money will come from the donation given to us by the FVA. The remaining money will be spent on other projects. The water supply connections are to be checked, and the work will carried out after Easter. It should be completed in 3 days.
The remedial work on the fence behind the bus shelter in Gate Lane has been completed at a cost of £40. This has not been paid, but will be added to the invoice for any future work carried out by AVC.
The Association hopes to replace the hedging that is missing along the roadside hedge in Gate Lane, but only with the agreement of Island Roads.
The kissing gate on the footpath in Coastguard Lane has been removed. It will be replaced by the Rights of Way Dept. of the CC.
It was proposed that the annual subscription should be raised. The members present at the meeting agreed to the sum of £5.
Treasurer's Report: General Account £2230.52., Projects Account £2213.02.
Secretary's Report: Seats have been requested for two bus shelters, one on the junction of Victoria Road and Guyers Road, the other on the north side of School Green Road at the roundabout end. The reply has been inconclusive. If no action is taken in the near future another request will be made.
The warning sign on the Compton Bay side of Afton Down (Military Road) has been removed. When queried the answer received was "No work is to be carried out ".
At the last quarterly meeting our attention was drawn to domestic kitchen waste left in the hedge on the junction of Victoria Road and Easton Lane opposite Victoria House. Island Roads were contacted, and promptly removed it. Three weeks later another incident was reported and was immediately dealt with.
The speaker at the next quarterly meeting will be a representative from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.
Membership Secretary's Report: There are now 222 paid up members.
Special Events: 11th June 2017. Open Gardens. Six gardens will be open and the money raised will be donated to Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.
5th August 2017. Provisional date for the Beach Barbecue.
7th October 2017. Day at the Bay. Any information about venues, performers etc. at
AOB: The Association needs a new Chairman as Tim is leaving the committee after the AGM.
The committee also needs another member to bring the number up to nine. If anyone is interested could you please contact Tim Nicholson or Felicity Wareham.
The curtains at the back of the stage in the United Reform Church Hall need replacing. It was suggested that the Association could make a contribution towards the cost.
The speed of the traffic in Stroud Road is causing problems for pedestrians trying to cross.
The Afton Road Amenity Site is now only open 2 days a week.
Concern was expressed about the clearance of scrub and trees from Tennyson Down. It was suggested that the NT was trying to expand the area of open chalk down land. The secretary is to contact the NT to request more information. It was also suggested that we should invite a representative to speak at a future quarterly.
John Medland has attended a service held at All Saints Church for Chris Smith who will be missed by many in the community. The meeting closed at
The next meeting will be on the 29th July 2017.

The meeting was preceded by a talk given by Adam Tucker 07772690273 email, who explained what he did as our local area co- ordinator.
Minutes of the quarterly meeting 26th January 2017.
Apologies from Verrall Dunlop, Thelma Slade, Judith Hunt, Jane Carter, Roger and Sheila Spivey, Joan Ward, Esme Ballard and Boris Moscoff.
Minutes of the last quarterly meeting were accepted as correct, proposed by Tony Dalton and seconded by James Day.
Matters Arising There has been no progress made on the 20 mph speed limit on some of the roads in the area. There are concerns about the costs of the work in the present financial climate.
No progress has been made concerning the public toilets in Gate Lane.
The situation regarding the Albion Hotel remains unchanged.
The chairman expressed his thanks to Terry Butchers for her work on the Queen Mother's garden.
The Bay area is to receive two benches from the Parish Council.
John Medland informed the meeting that the extensive work by Island Roads, on Avenue Road, is to be delayed until later in the year.
Chairman's Report: There is a plan to start work on Afton Road in 2017, but Island Roads are running behind schedule. There was a suggestion that the Association could pay for bollards to prevent parking on the footpath if the council were willing to install them.
Work is still to be carried out, as planned, on the green area on the seafront.
The committee has walked around the area, and a few things have been noted for improvements. The committee is still waiting for an estimate from AVC to renew the fence behind the bus shelter at Freshwater Bay. We would like additional rubbish bins on the promenade. The dog bin on Afton Road needs replacing. The kissing gate at the end of Coastguard Lane is in disrepair and needs replacing. The tamarisks around the car park need cutting back.
It was suggested that one of the notice boards outside the Piano should be replaced as it was in need of repair and that another should be put in Victoria Road.
It was also decided that a seat should be placed, facing the marsh, on the green area near the bridge on Blackbridge Road.
The gap in the hedge on the top of the wall in Gate Lane is to be replanted.
Treasurer's Report: General Account £1882.42, Projects Account; £2213. 02.
Secretary's Report: It has been decided that we should ask Island Roads for fixed seats in some of our bus shelters, to bring them in line with the rest of the island. The suggestion is that we should apply for seats in the shelters at the Co-op end of School Green Road, Freshwater Bay and the junction of Victoria and Guyers Road. John Medland suggested we might be unsuccessful because of the pressure on Island Roads budget for other projects.
Membership Secretary's Report: We now have 200 members. Reminder letters are to be sent out.
AOB: Day at the Bay was very successful and a date has been arranged for this year (see below). Any other information can be found on
There was a suggestion from one of the members that the annual subscription should be raised, and by another that half of all money raised at events should be kept as funds.
There is still confusion about possible plans for a car park on the National Trust land below Terrace Lane.
Farringford is opening to the public this year. Concern was expressed, by one of our members, about the likely increase in traffic on Bedbury Lane, Gate Lane and Victoria Road. Bedbury Lane and parts of Victoria Road have no pavements and are already busy. The difficulties of walking along Victoria Road, was raised by another member, as there can be a lot of traffic including large vehicles.
The proposed work at Freshwater Bay was also raised with queries regarding the height of the wall and other issues.
Dates for the Diary:
8th February; Litter Pick
15th March Rehearsals for Spring Concert
1st April; Spring Concert. 11th June; Open Gardens. 7th October; Day at the Bay.
The meeting closed at 9.15 pm. Many thanks to all those members who attended, it is always good to see so many people on a chilly evening.