The bay improvements are overseen by a sub committee that meets at quarterly intervals.



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Once the storms had finished, we cleared pebbles from the grassed area at the bay.
In conjunction with the IW Council & Rights of Way, the FBRA arranged for
the drainage problem at the start of the pathway on Coastguard Lane to be reviewed
and the resurfacing of the path itself.
The interior walls of the promenade shelter and bus shelter by St Agnes Church
were repainted thanks to the services of the Hampshire Probation Team.
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Replaced the bench on Tennyson Down, relocated the Gate Lane trough and planted more bulbs at the top of Gate Lane.


Erected a bench on Tot's Plot overlooking the Bay. Planted bulbs along Afton Road.


Planted bulbs along Victoria Road. Bollards erected around the grassy corner opposite Apple Barns.

October 2012

After a false start when everything died we planted up a new little garden, behind the shelter, to balance up the area. Now both ways onto the Bay have a garden. Hopefully these specially selected plants will thrive.

Winter 2011

Thank you to all who wrote again in support of the bid for funding for landscaping work in the bay. The bid was accepted this time ! Work was comleted despite chill winds, Boris managed to complete the splendid information board and we gathered for a grand opening.

Winter 2010

Thank you to all who wrote in support of the bid for funding for landscaping work in the bay. The bid was rejected this time but we shall re-apply. However we were granted funding towards an information board detailing wildlife in the area. It will be designed by Boris Moscoff and will be located on the back of the shelter.
(See for news of successful bids.)

Summer 2009

In association with other local groups and to celebrate the bicentenary of Tennyson's birth in 1809, a toposcope was installed near the Tennyson monument.


September to November 2007

Use grant from the Footprint Trust to landscape and plant a drought tolerant garden by the well.


Autumn 2007

Summer 2009

Strip, sand smooth and paint the inside of the Shelter

Design a three panel mosaic, train and guide local volunteers in creating the mosaic


Autumn 2007

Make up and erect an Information Board on the road side of the Shelter


Summer 2007

Erect a flag pole at the Bay. This is to be in line with the centre of the slipway but far enough back as so as not to nterfere with the boats and winch.

Erected. (taken down 2010)

end 2006

Fill in the shelter windows on the road side to give greater weather protection.