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Much of Freshwater Bay now has Conservation status, which is a welcome recognition of the area's historical and aesthetic importance.

The association now has over 190 members and they can recieve the e-mail Newsletter by contacting

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 March 23rd 2019

18.00 URC hall Guyers Road


 April 4th 2019

Quarterly meeting
19.30 URC hall Guyers Road


 July 18th 2019

Quarterly meeting
19.30 URC hall Guyers Road


 August 3rd 2019

date to be confirmed


 October 17th 2019

19.30 URC hall Guyers Road


Freshwater Bay Residents Association.
Chair report 31st January 2019
This meeting was due to be held in the evening of the 31st January, but snow and winds were predicted to pass over the area during the evening and it was felt that it could start to snow during the meeting, so we were concerned that this may cause problems for those going home in the dark. As a result this meeting was cancelled and the next quarterly meeting will now be the April one, scheduled for the 4th April at 19:30.
Below you will find a summery of the main areas that were due to be covered at the cancelled January meeting.
Firstly the report on social events.
The dinner at Jireh House in Yarmouth was well attended and the fresh food well received. A big thank you to Judith and Sandy for organising the event and the FYT bus for getting most of us there. Hopefully we can organise a similar event before Christmas this year.
The carol concert at St Agnes was also a great success with not only Pam Wedgewood playing the organ, but also music from the West Wind and singing from The Bay Wailers. A big thank you to all and especially Becca who supplied the mulled wine, Felicity for the brandy and other people that donated wine and mince pies. The collection for the church was £245.38 pence and the association has received a letter of thanks from the church warden.
The next planned event would be Open Gardens, but currently we do not have anybody who would be prepared to organise this and has the contacts. So at this late stage, we will probably not hold the event this year, but try to organise something for 2020.
We are going to hold a show event. The Wild West show, at the Guyers Road URC hall at 18:00 23rd March. There will be various notices and emails going around about this, so watch out for further details!
Committee members.
We still need two volunteers to become committee members. It would be really useful if one would consider becoming the associations secretary. This is not as demanding as it sounds, especially in this day of emails and on-line research. There are monthly meetings for the committee and the four quarterly meetings. At these there is usually free tea, coffee, biscuits or cake! It is a great way to meet local people, be part of the community and find out what is going on. Please contact the Chair ( email: ) if you are interested.
Otherwise there will be a clip board for your attendance going around at the April meeting and if you want to be considered for a committee member or help at events, please ensure that you put a tick at the end of your name.
The Bay shelter.
This was due to be painted in December but the weather was really bad on the weekend that it was due to be done, so it was cancelled. However, we do have all the paint and equipment needed and this was purchased via the Parish council, so that they could claim the VAT back. That will save us about £50. We also have been granted £150 from the IOW Council towards the costs, again via the Parish council. As a result it should cost the association about half the original estimate. The new date is the first weekend in March.
Island roads and their promises of road markings, replacing bus shelters, speed signs, etc. As some of you may have read in the County Press, they have paused completing requests and asked the parish councils to place a priority on work within their area. The committee on your behalf immediately sent a letter to the parish detailing the outstanding items and the reasons for them. Hopefully, as these are old rather than new requests, they will put them as a high priority.
Web site.
Barry Ecuyer and Martin Newman have been reviewing the web site which costs the association £95 a year to maintain. We are not sure how many members actually use the web site to inform themselves, friends or visitors. However, we have decided to maintain the site and re-structure it for modern devises such as mobile phones. This will involve simplifying the site and removing a lot of content that is available elsewhere.

Lifeboat stone removal.
We would also like to thank the Freshwater Lifeboat for their sterling efforts in removing the stones from the promenade between the Albion and the area just beyond the lifeboat station. Recently the lifeboat has experienced problems when launching due to the underscoring of the end of the slipway. They are therefore collecting money that can be used to re-instate the old groynes. The IOW Council are happy for them to do this as there is no money in the coastal scheme and so the area has been designated as " no intervention".
Requests made of the Association.
John Medland at the last meeting gave details of the proposals for the commemoration of 25 years of Dimbola. The association has written a formal email to him stating that we are prepared to support the commemorations.
The association has had a request from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance to assist in the early morning at the Bay giving cereal bars and water to people participating in the Sunrise 10K walk some time in June or July. As the walk starts at Alum Bay around 04:30 people would need to be at the Bay from 06:00 to about 08:30.
Do we have any volunteers?
Thank you. David Lewis Chair FBRA
Minutes of the AGM held on the 18thOctober 2018.

Apologiess from Sheila and Roger Spivey, John and Joan Ward, Sandy Hunt, Esme Ballard, Gill Kennett, Andy and Christine Churchill, Kirk Wolley Dodd, Dorothy Day, Alan Sherward and James Day.

Changes:Judith Hunt, Felicity Wareham, Paul Bakewell and Karen Grainger are retiring from the committee. David Lewis was elected as Chairman. Becca Cameron was re-elected for further three years.

David Lewis introduced himself and thanked the retiring members of the committee for the work they have done. A presentation was made to Judith and Felicity.

Retiring Chairman's Report: Judith thanked Sue and Barry Ecuyer and gave them a gift in appreciation of all the help they have given us auditing the books and updating the website.
The BBQ was very successful. We had sold out by 8pm. We would like to thank the Bay Wailers and Sam Scadgell for the musical entertainment and Paul Windridge for the film show. The entertainment and the beautiful weather all contributed to an enjoyable evening. We were able to donate £350 to the Freshwater Bay Independent Lifeboat.
The leaflet drop was carried out by volunteers. Thanks to all those who helped.
The walk, lead by Robin Lang and Paul Davis, on Tennyson Down was enjoyed by all who took part. The long term plan for the management of the area was explained in detail.
The new bench has been installed near the footpath in Blackbridge Road. It has been positioned to give people a view over the marsh.
The refurbishment of the Gate Lane toilets has been delayed until the spring. There has been no final decision made, as yet, about what will replace the present sinks, toilets etc.
Terry Dimmick has ascertained that the railings at the bay are on IWC land. The FPC is going to arrange a meeting with the IWC to see if they can come to an agreement about the work that needs doing.
The steps to the beach at the west end of the bay are causing safety concerns as they have no hand rail. Gill Kennett is looking into ownership.
The Lifeboat Shop Book Stall needs a dry place to store all their books over the winter. The stall is highly successful raising around £8,000 a year. If anyone can offer a suitable space please contact Richard Allen on or Sandra Thearle on 752979 or 07767792439.
The lifeboat crew have cleared the pebbles from the promenade after the recent bad weather.
The promenade shelter needs painting and some maintenance. The work will be carried out by Community Payback Scheme supervised by Matt Budd. The proposed dates are Wednesday 12th December and Thursday 13th December. FBRA will pay for the materials and the CPS will charge £85 per day.
Litter Picking has been on the second Wednesday of each month at 10am. There will be a special one on the 24th October (Half Term) at 11am.
John Thornton's funeral will be on Monday November 5th at 11am at St Agnes.

Secretary's Report: There has been no further progress on the speed activated sign for Bedbury Lane or the bus shelters at St Agnes and the junction of Victoria and Guyers Road.
Island Roads have confirmed that the bus shelter near the Albion Hotel in Gate Lane will be replaced towards the end of the year. The new shelter will have an integrated seat as we requested. The posters on the fence and the old pins and staples will be removed until the new shelter has been installed. A notice will be put on the fence to ask people not to put any more posters on it until the work is completed.
There will be information sheets available in Lloyds Bank for their customers nearer the date of the branch closure. Lloyds will provide a mobile bank one day a week but if they think it is necessary they will increase it to two days. Change will be available. At the time of asking there had been no decision about the location of the mobile bank.
Tott's Plot will be cut this winter. Next year the NT is considering keeping Hebridean sheep on the plot twice a year for several weeks. The plot will be fenced and a self-closing gate will be installed. Dogs will have to be kept on a lead when the sheep are there. This would be beneficial for plants, insects etc.

Treasurer's Report: General Account £2209.92, Projects Account £943. 11. The accounts have been audited by Sue Ecuyer and can be found on the website.

Membership Secretary's Report: We had 237 members at the end of the 2017/2018 year.
The constitution has been amended to take into consideration changes in Data Protection etc.
Incidental expenses by any committee member without the agreement of the committee will be limited to £50.
The changes to the constitution were proposed and seconded.
The new constitution is available on the website.

Social Events: Autumn Supper. 7pm at Jireh House, Yarmouth on the 12th November. Carol Concert. 6pm at St Agnes on the 22 December.
National Trust Consultation Day. 3rd November at Brook village hall. Information etc. about any plans for Compton Down.
Freshwater Soup. 7pm on the 6th November.

AOB: Dimbola opened 25 years ago. John Medland has asked for ideas to celebrate the occasion.
Day at the Bay was a great success despite the dreadful weather. All the venues were busy with people enjoying the day despite the wind and rain. David Ballard thanked those that helped and noted that this year there were enough cakes!
The meeting closed at 8.40pm.
We all enjoyed the wine and cheese, many thanks to Judith, Becca and Paul B.

Minutes of the quarterly meeting held on the 19th July 2018.
Apologies from Tony Dalton, Paul Mocroft, Karen Grainger and Jacqueline Robertson.
Matters Arising: The IWC have reopened the wooden steps near the Lifeboat Station. The steps have been treated with non-slip paint. The FBRA has sent a cheque for £341.40 to the IWC to cover the cost of the paint.
The IWC have asked the FPC to take on the maintenance of the railings on the promenade but the FPC is concerned that they may be expected to take responsibility for the whole of the promenade area.
There are a large number of pebbles on the beach. The IWC have been asked to clear the promenade but the large amount that needs to be removed has made this impossible. It is very likely that this will be an ongoing problem with stormy weather and higher sea levels.
The new notice board to the left of the Piano Cafe was made by Chris Storey and installed in May. We paid for the materials £285 and Chris very kindly donated his labour.
We are still waiting for the coach parking area to be reinstated in Afton Road. There have been more complaints about coach drivers parking in Gate Lane and running their engines to maintain the air conditioning. We are still waiting for the IWC to action the new plans for parking in the bay area.
The new bench in Blackbridge Road has been installed with the help of Tony Moore.
Chairman's Report: Tony Tutton was unable to come to the meeting to give us a short talk on the work of the NT. We were unable to get another speaker at short notice but Robin Lang has offered to organise a walk on the downs to enable our members to raise concerns etc. with him. The walk will be from the carpark near the Highdown Inn to the memorial and back and will take about one hour. Approx. 25 people expressed an interest. The BBQ will take place on Saturday 4th August from 6pm to 9pm. There will be burgers, veggie burgers and sausages in rolls at £2.50 each. You can purchase coffee and tea, but if you want other drinks please bring them with you. There will be musical entertainment from Sam Scadgell and the Bay Wailers. Paul Windridge will show a film after the BBQ. Bring your own seating if required.
Open Gardens was a great success and a cheque for £1500 has been given to the Community and Sports Centre for their Gym extension fund.
1,000 FBRA leaflets have been printed at a cost of £262. The text has been updated and the leaflets will be delivered to the approx. 618 households in the bay area. Volunteers to deliver the leaflets in early October would be much appreciated.
There has been concern expressed by some people about the installation, by Classic Cottages, of a webcam on the Lifeboat Station. The IWC and FPC have been contacted. The webcam has been redirected so that only general shots of the sea and cliffs can be seen.
The FBRA's constitution needs updating and amending to include information on data protection etc. A vote will be taken on the revised version at the AGM in October.
Secretary's Report: The temporary signs, made by Becca Cameron, asking drivers not to park on the marsh side of Afton Road, have been very successful. Island Roads have been contacted to request permanent signs, but they do not want to make any decisions until the new parking arrangements have been actioned.
One of our members has offered a large metal anchor. It was suggested that we could put it on the small garden near the wishing well as a replacement for the present one which is badly corroded.
Footpath 46 has been cut by the Rights of Way dept. of the IWC.
Some of the new hedging may need replacing in the autumn/winter because of drought damage.
Treasurer's Report: General Account £2119.85. Projects Account £943.11.
Membership Secretary's Report: Membership remains at 231.
Social Events: 4th August - BBQ. Please see Chairman's report for details. An autumn supper will be arranged for a later date to be advised.
AOB: It was suggested that a small plaque could be installed to explain the initials and history of the trough which is now near the footpath in Gate Lane and that additional information could be added to the website.
Concern was again expressed about the speed of traffic approaching and travelling through the bay area. It was suggested that a sign on the Military Road advising drivers, motor cyclists and cyclists that they are approaching Freshwater Bay would be helpful and also encourage them to stop and spend some time in the area.
The hedge along the footpath in Gate Lane will be cut in the autumn.
FPC has asked AVC for a quote to reseed the green area on the promenade.
Bay Road has been resurfaced at the householder's expense. Can anyone using this private road please keep the speed of their vehicles to 10mph.
There was a request that we should again look into the provision of seats near the church in Gate Lane and the bus shelter in Victoria Road.
Lloyds Bank plc is closing their branch in Freshwater on the 14th January 2019. We will try to obtain information about mobile banking by the next meeting.
The meeting closed at 8.40pm.
The AGM will be held on the 18th October at 7.30pm.

April 2018
The meeting was preceded by a talk given by Mark O'Sullivan on the subject of the Good Neighbour Scheme which is run by Age UK, Isle of Wight.
For further information contact Mark O'Sullivan and his team at 147 High Street, Newport, PO30 1TY, 01983525282,
Gill Kennett and Anne Bamford gave a presentation on the proposed improvements to the Library and the provision of a new Heritage Centre.
Disabled access to the Library would be via disabled parking bays to be created at the rear of the building.
The building is designed to be flexible and a multi-functional space for the community. Costs for the necessary improvements to the existing building are included.
The FPC contribution may be £250,000 as matched funding if the HLF grant is successful.
The FPC contribution will be potentially funded via a Public Works Loan across a period of 20 years, with annual repayments in the region of £15,615.
John Medland was available, during the tea break, to answer any queries about the planned changes to the parking restrictions in the Bay area.

Minutes of the quarterly meeting held on the 12th April 2018.
Apologies from Tony Dalton, John and Barbara Allford, Sheila Spivey, David Lewis, Karen Grainger and James Day.
Matters Arising: The IWC closed the steps up from the bay in January, after the FBRA reported several accidents caused by the slippery surface. They have now agreed to paint them with anti-slip paint which the FBRA will fund at a cost of £341.40. The work should be done in the next few days.
Luke Ellison from the IWC is to check the condition of the railings around the Albion when he makes an inspection around Freshwater Bay, but there is some doubt about who is responsible for their maintenance.
The toilets in Gate Lane will be redecorated later this year now the FPC has taken over the lease from the IWC.
The FPC is installing three water taps as part of their campaign for a plastic free Freshwater. One will be outside the toilets in Gate Lane. An App called Refill tells you where the nearest refill station is.
Chris Storey is making a new notice board which will be on the left side of the Piano. The FBRA are paying for the materials at a cost of £285. There will be room for eight posters.
The NT have filled the hollow under the gate near Dimbola but not the ones around the Tennyson Memorial.
Chairman's Report: The FBRA have funded 5 new litter grabbers for the Surfers' A frame by the shelter, and have received a letter of thanks from Jacqueline Roberts.
David Lewis has agreed to become chair in October.
There has been a request for a sign in the bay to discourage people from feeding the seagulls.

David Ballard has asked if he could have some helpers for A Day at the Bay which will be on Saturday 6th October this year. Secretary's Report: Complaints about dog fouling and plastic bags left at the side of paths were passed on to the dog warden Sam Kinnaird. She came very promptly to check the areas mentioned. They cleared up the mess and put up temporary notices.
Island Roads have been contacted to see if any decision has been made about the replacement of the bus shelter in Gate Lane or the speed activated sign in Bedbury Lane.
The speaker at the next meeting will be Tony Tutton from the NT.
Treasurer's Report: General Account £2108.15, Projects Account £1863.02.
Memberships Secretary's Report: We now have 223 members.
Social Events: 26th April, FBRA visit to Farringford. This is fully booked.
27th May, Open Gardens in aid of the Community and Sports Centre.
4th August, Beach Barbecue- This date is to be confirmed.
6th October, A Day at the Bay.
AOB: A member has suggested bollards should be installed at the bottom of Blackbridge Road to prevent drivers crossing the grass in wet conditions. There was a suggestion that people, other than the wardens, were using the parking space. Various solutions were suggested.
There will be a meeting of the Land Management Committee of the FPC to decide on any future reseeding of the grassed area of the promenade.
The containing wall of the promenade is in a bad condition again. It needs repairing and repainting.
A member has asked that a list of committee members and the dates of the quarterly meetings could be circulated.
We are going to ask if a dog waste bin could be installed somewhere near the bay.
The next quarterly meeting is on the 19th July 2018.
The meeting closed at 9pm.

January 2018
The meeting was preceded by a talk given by Vince Fennell, on the subject of Neighbourhood Watch. For further information please contact Vince Fennell, 23 St Saviours Road, Totland, Isle of Wight, PO39OEZ, tel. 754717.

Gill Kennett updated us on the Parish Council's plans for Freshwater Bay, when they take over the lease of the promenade area.
The Independent Lifeboat will have responsibility for the land around the station. The PC is to take over the care of the benches and will reseed the grass.
Gill would welcome any suggestions for other improvements.
They have not ascertained who is responsible for the upkeep of the railings on the promenade.
There are ongoing discussions about the reinstating of the coach park area and methods of preventing cars parking on the pavement in Afton Road.
There will be a consultation in the Memorial Hall at 6.30pm on the 24th January 2018
Minutes of the quarterly meeting held on the 18th January 2018.

Apologies from Harald Schenk, Mark Orchard, Nick Wilde, Esme and David Ballard.
Matters Arising: The bench, for Blackbridge Road, has been purchased. As soon as the weather improves it will be put in place.
The installing of a seat for the bus shelter near St Agnes church is still under discussion with Island Roads.
The new signs, advising dog owners when and where they can use the beach, have been put on the promenade by the IWC.

Chairman's Report: The proposed parking restrictions have prompted much discussion in the area. The consultation period finished on the 12th January, but any other comments will be welcomed until the end of the month.
There have been three reports of accidents on the flight of steps at the Lifeboat Station end of the promenade. The IWC were informed and a maintenance team were sent to look at them. They have been closed temporarily.
There will be a new notice board, outside The Piano, with room for approx. 8 posters. It will have an oak frame and shatterproof glass doors. We will pay for the materials.
We have received a reply, from the Farringford Estate, about the possibility of a footpath on their land along Bedbury Lane. They have refused our request for several reasons including fears of pets straying near livestock and disruption for their guests.
Paul Mocroft has taken over the writing and distribution of the Newsletter. If anyone has hand deliveries at the moment but would be willing to receive the letter by email, could you let us know your email address please.
100 hundred native daffodil bulbs and some snake's head fritillary bulbs have been planted in the grass along Blackbridge Road.
We have asked the National Trust to fill in the hollows under the seating on Tennyson Down and under the gate on Gate Lane. They have agreed to carry out the work in the near future.

Secretary's Report: Island Roads are unable to increase the number of repeat signs on Bedbury Lane because it is classified as a restricted road, but they have suggested that a vehicle activated 30+ slow down sign could be added to the Safety Assessment Register for consideration by the Authority. They have been informed of the two accidents over the last few weeks and they will be taken into consideration at the assessment.
Island Roads is more than happy for us to fill the two gaps in the hedge in Gate Lane. The hawthorn slips are on order and will be planted as soon as possible.
Sam Kinnaird, the dog warden, is going to patrol the area talking to dog owners as a first attempt to prevent dog fouling in our area. She has also offered to put up signs near the grassed area on the junction of Guyers Road and Victoria Road.
We have many queries and comments about the care and maintenance of the NT land in the area. Tony Tutton has agreed to be our speaker at the July meeting.
Mark O'Sullivan has agreed to speak about the Good Neighbour Scheme at the next quarterly meeting on the 12th April 2018.

Treasurer's Report: General Account, £2170.77. Projects Account, £1863.02.

Membership Secretary's Report: We now have 189 members.

Social Events: 8th February.' Wight We Want' meeting at the Sports Centre, Moa Place.
4pm to 6pm Health Provision.
7pm to 9pm Neighbourhood Plans ( cycle tracks etc.)
14th February. Litter Pick.
27th May Open Gardens. We have not decided on a charity for this year's event. If anyone has any suggestions could you please contact Judith.
Judith is hoping to organise a visit to Farringford, more details to follow.
The Autumn Supper at the Horse and Groom was very successful. Thanks to the FYT bus for the help with transport.
Everybody enjoyed the Carol Service, mince pies and mulled wine. We would like to thank Pam Wedgwood for providing the organ music.

AOB: Concern was expressed about the speed of traffic on single lane roads in the area. Although the IWC is not willing to change the speed limits to 20mph, there is a chance that it could come about if the PC is willing to fund it.
Several large bags of domestic rubbish have been left outside for a few weeks in Coastguard Lane. It would be helpful if rental owners could leave information for their tenants regarding rubbish collections.
If anyone has any ideas for projects in the area could you contact us and we will consider them.

The meeting closed at 9pm.
The next quarterly meeting is on the 19th July.